Best Android Launchers Free Download

Ask anyone who uses an android device and the first point they come up with is that fact that android is easily customizable. Every android device can be customized on the user’s preference. Google provides its own stock android launcher in all the nexus devices. Companies such

Bouncy Seed APK Download for Android Free (Game)

Bouncy Seed is a new member in Google Play Games category which has become very popular recently in a very short period of time. The game has been developed by MYBO LIMITED who have done a remarkable job in every aspect as the game possesses simple but

Best Backup Apps for Android Free Download

There are times when people try and stifle and suck back their tears when one picks up one’s phone after noticing the extent of the broken state of one’s phone. With insured cellphones one can be sure of having another phone in hand in the next two

ROM Manager APK Free Download for Android – Latest Version

If you are an owner of a rooted Android device, then there must me an application that should be present on your device which is capable of altering and managing various ROMs that you install on it. One such amazing application which we have brought to you

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

Smartphone is not just to play games and listening to music, it’s more than that. It can do a lot of your routine tasks with a fun way. Yes, there are apps which are there to shorten up many of your routine tasks on the go. You

How To Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Instantly

Smartphones have taken up the World to a whole new level. Technology runs the whole World with its so amazing devices which have become an essential thing of everyone. Nowadays, one can not spend a day without using a smartphone. And why not? When you can get

How To Download Torrents with IDM

Torrents is one of the best and easy way to get big sized files downloaded with peer to peer downloading process. There are plenty of ways to download Torrent files, however you won’t get good enough downloading speed form such Torrent files downloaders. I am pretty much

Download Free Internet Download Manager for Android

Internet Download Manager which is normally known as IDM is a Windows GUI software to download your favourite stuffs from the Internet. Internet Download Manager is the best and essential software to keep everything of your much needed stuffs downloaded on the go. Don’t go amazed, it

How To Share Android Apps With Friends Instantly

Android carries everything in its pocket. Starting from a huge number of smartphones for all the different kinds of people to extremely talented and useful apps and games. You can spend a gold time along with a good Android smartphone. There are numerous reasons available which helps

How to Download YouTube Video on Android Smart Phone

Most of the smartphone users have wished to watch their favourite YouTube videos right from there smartphones. When it comes to a smartphone, there automatically appears Android. Yes, Android carries a huge number of devices because of its complete user friendly user interface. Anyone can easily make